Daily card: Daughter of Wands

The snake curls herself in a figure eight – or infinity symbol – around a wand; flexible and calm, but full of potential and power. She is, like other daughter cards, at the beginning of her journey, and has the possibility to make enormous transformations. As a wands card, that potential is particularly relevant to the world of ideas and creativity, ambitions and dreams. This is about bringing ideas into reality, about taking the first steps to unlock one’s own creative potential.

The ideas and inspiration of wands may also come through in this card as someone who may make a huge personal transformation, and may be on track to make a major breakthrough.

I don’t feel like I’ve quite fully connected with the meaning and energy of this card yet, but the start of a journey in which the intangible becomes tangible, the idea becomes reality, seems relevant today; wands can also connect specifically with fertility, and today kicked off some valuable conversations with a great midwifery team.


Daily card: Four of Wands

The card shows a diamond shape formed by the four wands – looking almost like a portal to another world; all the energy of the card is focused inwards on that centre.

The Four of Wands can often suggest a celebration, an achievement commemorated – whether as formal as a graduation ceremony, or as informal as a family get-together. My first understanding of this card, of completion and achievement, didn’t quite make sense to me; things are going well in a number of areas, and I feel like some important things are falling into place, but nothing feels like it’s in any sort of finished or final state right now. (Quite aptly, my toddler came over to ‘help’ and hit the publish button while this post was literally half way through a sentence; truly, everything is in flux!)

But the broader sense of stability, tranquillity, security, deep family connection; the reminder to appreciate milestones as a marker of hard work; a sense of being settled and content – all of this is valuable. In particular, perhaps, it’s a reminder that all the things that I think are unfinished but ‘making good progress’ – setting up some interesting projects, making great connections with potential new clients, slowly starting to build a reputation – are worthy of celebration in themselves. And that the joyful stability of my partner returning from some major travels and reconnecting with family life is more significant than I give it credit for!

Daily card: Seven of Wands

A single torch burning brightly in the shadows, lighting the way out of a tangle. Light your fire and keep off the darkness, says the Seven of Wands; use your power, take control of your problem, and find your own way out – do it alone if you have to, and you may well have to. There may be obstacles, and they may seem to be coming at you from every direction, but there is a way out. You have the power to take this on and stand your ground proudly.

Sevens can also be about wishes and desires, fulfilled or otherwise. Seven of Wands uses the energy and inspiration of Wands to create a sense of wanting a solution to a problem, wanting to take charge; the creativity of Wands means that there may be multiple routes (and even multiple outcomes) other than the one you first think of, but it reminds you that you can do this.

A confidence-boosting card, on a day when I’m keen to work with a couple of new clients but am having a wobble about my own ability to juggle all the different areas of my life – can I really take on new work and be the mother I want to be, too? Seven of Wands says yes – but that the solution may need more creativity from me than I’ve so far accounted for.

Daily card: Ace of Wands

All potential and possibility, this one; huge amounts of energy radiating outwards (so much so as to have burst the branch into blossom). Fertility, creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm; anything is possible, says the Ace of Wands. Chase your dreams.

“this is unstoppable creativity and enthusiasm, the kind that makes you fired up, burning to get on with it. Like the fertile abundance of spring, this card can feel like anything is possible, like you’re seeing a whole new world. Be bold, be courageous, be expansive.”

Well then. Making plans, I guess!

Daily card: Son of Wands

The Son of Wands shows a snake winding its way up the wand or staff of the card, with a point above him radiating rays out into the heights.

A little underdeveloped in his long-term planning, but tremendously inspiring and exciting, the Son of Wands can often represent someone who is full of plans and creativity and is beginning to learn how to implement them well. He can be fearless, impulsive and passionate, and is full of creativity and enthusiasm.  He may not always take the long view, nor consider the consequences of his actions, but his ambition and passion is intense – and very compelling.

This card can also suggest a sudden change in circumstances, requiring the energy of the Son of Wands and his confidence – or is it cockiness? – to ride it out successfully.

Daily card: Three of Wands

The three wands form a triangle, the most stable of shapes, which appear to surround a portal or a vision of another world. The Three of Wands suggests future plans, vision, looking forwards – seeing your envisioned better world, through a sturdily-constructed frame. You have developed your plans, you have an inspiring vision that you can see clearly, you are looking far into the future and thinking long-term; in the context of the inspiration and planning of Wands, think distance, expanse, broad horizons.

Today, this card feels to me like valuable advice; I’ve spent much of today caught up in the minutiae, seeing only what I’m getting wrong right now, without recognising that some of what I’m struggling with is either minor, or is in service of exciting future plans.

Daily card: Eight of Wands

The explosive lightning strike of this card indicates sudden change, movement and motion – whether literal or metaphorical; perhaps a piece of news that reaches you, perhaps a message from a friend that moves you, perhaps actually travelling.

It’s likely to have its primary impact in the area of plans, inspiration, or original thought; perhaps something will happen to change your plans or shift your thinking. Or perhaps, like the lightning itself, you will travel speedily yourself.

And, well, today I’ve been on the road, so the meaning for me is pretty literal!