Daily card: Seven of Wands

A single torch burning brightly in the shadows, lighting the way out of a tangle. Light your fire and keep off the darkness, says the Seven of Wands; use your power, take control of your problem, and find your own way out – do it alone if you have to, and you may well have to. There may be obstacles, and they may seem to be coming at you from every direction, but there is a way out. You have the power to take this on and stand your ground proudly.

Sevens can also be about wishes and desires, fulfilled or otherwise. Seven of Wands uses the energy and inspiration of Wands to create a sense of wanting a solution to a problem, wanting to take charge; the creativity of Wands means that there may be multiple routes (and even multiple outcomes) other than the one you first think of, but it reminds you that you can do this.

A confidence-boosting card, on a day when I’m keen to work with a couple of new clients but am having a wobble about my own ability to juggle all the different areas of my life – can I really take on new work and be the mother I want to be, too? Seven of Wands says yes – but that the solution may need more creativity from me than I’ve so far accounted for.

Daily card: Ace of Wands

All potential and possibility, this one; huge amounts of energy radiating outwards (so much so as to have burst the branch into blossom). Fertility, creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm; anything is possible, says the Ace of Wands. Chase your dreams.

“this is unstoppable creativity and enthusiasm, the kind that makes you fired up, burning to get on with it. Like the fertile abundance of spring, this card can feel like anything is possible, like you’re seeing a whole new world. Be bold, be courageous, be expansive.”

Well then. Making plans, I guess!

Daily card: Son of Wands

The Son of Wands shows a snake winding its way up the wand or staff of the card, with a point above him radiating rays out into the heights.

A little underdeveloped in his long-term planning, but tremendously inspiring and exciting, the Son of Wands can often represent someone who is full of plans and creativity and is beginning to learn how to implement them well. He can be fearless, impulsive and passionate, and is full of creativity and enthusiasm.  He may not always take the long view, nor consider the consequences of his actions, but his ambition and passion is intense – and very compelling.

This card can also suggest a sudden change in circumstances, requiring the energy of the Son of Wands and his confidence – or is it cockiness? – to ride it out successfully.

Daily card: Three of Wands

The three wands form a triangle, the most stable of shapes, which appear to surround a portal or a vision of another world. The Three of Wands suggests future plans, vision, looking forwards – seeing your envisioned better world, through a sturdily-constructed frame. You have developed your plans, you have an inspiring vision that you can see clearly, you are looking far into the future and thinking long-term; in the context of the inspiration and planning of Wands, think distance, expanse, broad horizons.

Today, this card feels to me like valuable advice; I’ve spent much of today caught up in the minutiae, seeing only what I’m getting wrong right now, without recognising that some of what I’m struggling with is either minor, or is in service of exciting future plans.

Daily card: Eight of Wands

The explosive lightning strike of this card indicates sudden change, movement and motion – whether literal or metaphorical; perhaps a piece of news that reaches you, perhaps a message from a friend that moves you, perhaps actually travelling.

It’s likely to have its primary impact in the area of plans, inspiration, or original thought; perhaps something will happen to change your plans or shift your thinking. Or perhaps, like the lightning itself, you will travel speedily yourself.

And, well, today I’ve been on the road, so the meaning for me is pretty literal!

Alternative Tarot Course, week 2: Four suits, four elements – four aces

Thanks to LittleRedTarot for this course! This week I’m focusing on the suits, and the elements they represent.

Ace of Swords

Depicting an ouroboros wrapped around the hilt of a sword, against a dark background with two streaks of lightning striking. Swords connect with air, and with the mind and mental clarity; this strongly suggests a strike of inspiration, a new idea, a ‘lightbulb moment’. The light in the darkness also suggests a sudden new clear-sightedness, a flash of clarity to illuminate something previously confusing or shrouded. The sword held aloft is reminiscent of ‘fighting the good fight’, inspiring others, taking on battles for justice; perhaps it suggests a new cause or a call to action is presenting itself.

The ouroboros also gently suggests eternal renewal, the cyclical nature of things, that all beginnings are endings and vice versa; a reminder that no matter how illuminating this inspiration may be, you may follow the same cycle in future and will need (and have) another moment of inspiration to lead you out of as-yet-unforeseen problems! The ouroboros also connects this card, curiously, to the Wands suit, which uses snakes in this deck – making it clear that new intellectual inspiration relies on plans and creativity to drive it onwards.

Ace of Cups

A simple cup drawn against a subtlely-coloured snakeskin background; that snakeskin links (again) to the snakes of Wands, remembering that the energy of the Aces requires your input, it won’t just happen to you – your planning and creativity is needed. Cups I always find to be the simplest of the suits to understand; these are pure emotion, often love (in all its forms – romance, friendship, empathy, compassion, protection, desire, loss), and also reflect the emotional or spiritual side of ourselves – expressed through religion, art, spirituality, creativity.

The new beginnings of the Ace of Cups are gently muted here, as befits the start of an emotional journey – this isn’t yet fulfilment, or love, or whatever it is leading you towards. It can suggest a new emotional connection, a friend or a lover, the start of something beautiful and significant coming over the horizon, like the yellow light of the sun rising against the blue of the night sky. Cups being the suit most closely connected with water, the colours in this card also make it reminiscent of the fresh start after rain; the blue-grey clouds are fading away, the bright sun is slowly returning, and everything is damp and fresh and new.

Ace of Pentacles

This is the tiny seed at the heart of the enormous tree, that red-hot spark of life at the root. Pentacles are the suit of material tangible concrete things – sometimes money, but often home, work, craft, things we can do or touch with our hands. The Ace of Pentacles is the prosperous card of new ventures – perhaps a new job, even a dramatic career change; perhaps a new era for your domestic affairs. Just as the tiny seed quickly puts down deep secure roots, this is the moment to root yourself firmly in the earth, in reality, in preparation for what is to come. The many rings of the tree here are a reminder that this is no flash in the pan; what you are embarking on has the potential to be long-running, substantial, significant, and to branch out in new directions.

Ace of Wands

As befits the suit most closely connected with fire, this card – the most brightly-coloured of the Aces – has red-hot energy firing off in every direction, radiating from a flowering wand at the centre. This is a card of inspiration, of excitement, inviting you to reach out and take hold of the power that’s right in front of you; more visceral than the intellectual inspiration of the Ace of Swords, but more planned and creative than the emotional journey begun with the Ace of Cups. The enormous energy of this card has even forced the carefully carved and constrained wand (pictured) to burst into bloom; this is unstoppable creativity and enthusiasm, the kind that makes you fired up, burning to get on with it. Like the fertile abundance of spring, this card can feel like anything is possible, like you’re seeing a whole new world. Be bold, be courageous, be expansive.

Daily card: Six of Wands

Beautifully triumphant; the jewel-coloured butterfly is striking out from the tangle of wands, achieving freedom. This card suggests triumph, success, significant progress towards a goal. The visibility of the butterfly can also suggest public acknowledgment or recognition.

Today, I will be on the lookout for successes; reminding myself of what I have already achieved, and recognising – whether or not others do – progress to be proud of.