Daily card: Temperance

Not too difficult a card to interpret, this one, but a little deeper than the simple meaning of moderation. A crucial concept is the idea of synthesis; the heron is blending the elements of fire and water, two extremes. By choosing the moderate path, we choose to walk between two excesses – not too much, not too little, just right – but it’s not merely an absence of excess. It’s taking what is valuable from each, and using it wisely and with forethought. Not cowardly nor foolhardy, but courageous. Not stingy nor taken advantage of, but generous.

It’s not just about walking the moderate path, or about avoiding excess, but about recognising the value in all aspects of our selves, and bringing it all together.

Today, though, this card for me has the more prosaic meaning of reminding me not to overdo it; after a busy and tiring day, it’s a suggestion that I don’t have to do everything, all the time!