Daily card: Seven of Cups

So the seven of cups has come up once or twice before as a daily card for me. It generally seems to be a warning against wishful thinking, against getting too caught up in illusion and desire. Daydreams can be what drives us on to make things happen, but for that to happen you do have to move out of the daydreaming bit.

Today has been, in general, a pretty practical day; busy ticking things off the life-admin list as my little one is with grandparents this afternoon. I still struggle with letting go, as a parent, and perhaps that’s the nudge from this card today – I long for a respite from being constantly on-duty, constantly thinking about family needs, and when I’m given it, I worry and fret and wish it gone again! The complexities of wanting, and of what we think we want versus what happens when our desires are fulfilled, are a constant strangeness; humans are weird 🙂


Daily card: Nine of Cups

Ahhh, this card is a beautiful relief after a stressful and hard day yesterday. Although tens might seem at first glance like the pinnacle, I find it more useful to think of tens as being the bit at the end of a journey where you sit down, have a cuppa, think happily about what you’ve achieved and plan your next thing. There is a stillness to tens, but nines still hold that forward momentum. So nines often represent the actual moment of achievement or completion.

This nine of cups is colourful, but all the calmest and most soothing colours; no thrilling reds and oranges here. The energy lines run horizontally and calmly; the cups all face upwards, with no spilled or misdirected energy. The crescent moon is also a gentle nod to the importance of intuition and introspection in recognising what this card signifies. Everything is calm, everything is in place.

Not just about the emotion of cups, instead the nine of cups often suggests tremendous fulfilment and happiness in all areas – love, family, work, health, finances. It may be a particularly emotionally enjoyable moment, but it reflects success in all things; more specifically, not necessarily externally-defined success, but wishes and desires coming true.

This card comes when I’ve had a day or so of doubting myself in pretty much all areas – but today (even before I drew this card) I felt like I was back on form, confident I was getting things right… and just as I sat thinking ‘how can I drum up some more work? I need a new project’ I received an email from an old contact with some really really interesting prospects that I’m excited to get involved with. So, it seems apt. Today isn’t an end to anything, but if I’ve been down in shady valleys the last couple of days, I’m on a sunny hilltop again today.


Daily card: Son of Cups

My immediate connection with this card, now, is in a spread which drew it as the characteristics that connected me to somebody else; shared traits like free-flowing emotion very close to the surface, with almost a teenage intensity, and seeking the next steps on a journey (reflecting the traditional questing energy of Knights). It can appear peaceful from the outside, even secretive, but nevertheless this card is one that represents learning to handle strong emotions, not someone who has successfully mastered them.

I have a couple of possible ways to take this card for today. One is as a reminder of the previously-mentioned connection, and the importance of nurturing that; one is to deal with a couple of possibly-tricky conversations by remembering to work on keeping my own emotions in check unless/until relevant.

Daily card: Seven of Cups

Another seven and another card about wishes and desires, fulfilled or otherwise. It’s not clear which way is up on this card – the sun shines at the bottom, the moon at the top; some cups face upward, one central cup faces downward. Are the cups against a distant rainy mountain range, a clear sky, a lake? It’s not obvious.

Your desires, the things your heart tugs you towards, may not be quite what you think they are. Today I’ve been considering the complications of metawanting; of wanting to want something, despite not actually wanting it. And actually this is such a complicated and multilayered desire, it feels like it fits the Seven of Cups and its confusion and topsy-turviness well. The Seven of Cups suggests that perhaps the thing I want, or the thing I’m trying to want, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, or that I’m not seeing it clearly.

Daily card: Seven of Cups

I originally learned this card as the card of ‘fairy favours’, a warning against illusion and wishful thinking, of basing too much on what you wish was true, rather than what’s really true. The card also shows what could be a rainy sky in the background, washing away illusion in the end, and a rainy blue wash over the distant mountaintops.

It can also be a card about longing for something you can’t have; the thing you’ve imagined you want may be illusory and simply not exist in the form you wish for. What you wish for may not be quite what you think.

Nothing I’ll post here, despite the anonymity, but this is a valuable reminder when it comes to thinking about which clients to accept, in my work, and which to… if not reject, at least ask more searching questions of.

Daily card: Ten of Cups

Ten very plain and simple cups face inwards, almost looking like stage lights, pouring beams of light or energy inwards towards the centre, bouncing back and forth between each other. They are deeply interconnected, supporting and boosting each other, each one essential; this is a hugely positive card of fulfilment, of power realised, of radiating energy, and speaks to me of the emotional importance of connection – that much light can’t come from one source alone. Your success comes in part from the networks and the love that surrounds you, and from the support you offer others.

Daily card: Five of Cups

This card represents immense regret or disappointment; the horse’s head is bowed in sadness. But, its head is bowed away from the cups that still wait brightly above it, and away from the light at the top of the card. As this is a Cups card, this is a real and heartfelt emotion, not something that can be reasoned away, but nevertheless there is an implication that all is not lost – once you’re able to lift up your head again, you’ll see that. It’s not that there’s necessarily a choice (unlike the Ten of Swords), but this is just a reminder that what you’re experiencing right now won’t last.

It can be hard to let go of the past, of disappointment in oneself or in others; it can seem like a real physical weight. But there’s no weight to be seen here.