Daily card: Wheel of Fortune

Tens mark the end of a cycle (and, therefore, the beginning of another); the Wheel of Fortune takes that thought and multiplies it. The turn of the wheel, a turning point on the road, a change in fortunes; from night (the top of the card) to day (shining brightly at the bottom of the card). Our route may be tangled and twisted, like the multicoloured ribbons wound around the branches of this wheel; we may be within reach of the owl’s wisdom, or find ourselves a long way from it. This card can be a reassuring reminder that all things change, and if you think things are as hard as they can get, then perhaps you’re at the bottom of the wheel, due an upswing any day now. It can also be a note of caution, that no matter how wonderfully things are going right now, no matter how easily everything falls into place, it won’t be like that for ever; don’t take it for granted, appreciate it while it lasts.

This can feel like quite a momentous card, suggesting big shifts in life path. Strangely enough, I’ve been wondering for the last couple of days when I’d next see it, as it seemed apt. And here it is. Once again, my determination to see tarot as a non-mystical tool for self-reflection is taking a bit of a dent from alarmingly well-placed cards.


Daily card: Ten of Pentacles

Tens represent completion; looking on back on what’s been achieved (for good or bad). Tens don’t have much energy in them, as a card type – they’re more about contemplation, stationary enjoyment. Ten of pentacles, then, is about appreciating abundance, stability, final fulfilment – financial and domestic completion. It may represent something as big as setting up a major inheritance to pass on, or finally comfortably retiring, or as small as finally sorting out that clutter drawer, or sitting in your kitchen with the windows open appreciating your tidy home.

This card is a very simple one – the ten (yes, there are ten! Look closely at the centre) pentacles appear against a background of rainbow-coloured circles radiating outwards – not the usual lines of many of the cards in the Wild Tarot, which can often suggest the direction of energy in the card. Instead, circles are contained, complete, finished. They’re not going anywhere; they are eternal. The Tens have a very slight – though more positive – touch of Death about them, too, in that if nines signify the moment of completion and achievement, then tens are both endings and beginnings; the breath before you exhale and move on to the next thing. Pleasingly, the ten of pentacles in this deck contains its end within its beginning (or perhaps vice versa) with the tenth pentacle at the centre.

It’s hard to spot where the energy of this card might sit in my day, so far; I’m not sure of anything that would merit the significance of this (other than a fleeting thought about how nice it would be to finish my tax return months before it’s actually due…) but let’s see. For now I’ll take it as a broader reminder to make sure practical and domestic things are as much finished off and taken care of as I can, in anticipation of this sense of fulfilment in future.

Daily card: Ten of Cups

Ten very plain and simple cups face inwards, almost looking like stage lights, pouring beams of light or energy inwards towards the centre, bouncing back and forth between each other. They are deeply interconnected, supporting and boosting each other, each one essential; this is a hugely positive card of fulfilment, of power realised, of radiating energy, and speaks to me of the emotional importance of connection – that much light can’t come from one source alone. Your success comes in part from the networks and the love that surrounds you, and from the support you offer others.

Daily card: Ten of Swords

Hello again, Ten of Swords! Well, strangely, I’m taking this as a positive post-election card. Having recently gone through the meaning of the Ten of Swords, I’m interpreting this as referencing the depths of doom and gloom in some parts of the left in anticipation of the election, which – with hindsight – were perhaps a little overdone. And, perhaps, a little waymarker to remind us that whatever strange and dark alliances form today, still, what a change we have already achieved. Pull yourself together; keep on going.

Daily card: Ten of Swords

Quite a startling and stark card, depicting an animal pierced repeatedly with ten swords, which might on first glance seem quite dark, but in fact speaks more of overkill and melodrama. This card says: are you playing the victim a little too much? Are you moping a little too long? It can certainly suggest genuine disaster and ruin,  even reaching rock bottom, but has much more to say about your response to it – whether real or perceived disaster.

The swords reflect thought, mental capacity, personal attitudes; this isn’t a card of emotion, but of the mind. Given that it’s all about an over-dramatic response, this card can actually offer good news; if you pull yourself together, it all gets better from here.