Daily card: Seven of Cups

So the seven of cups has come up once or twice before as a daily card for me. It generally seems to be a warning against wishful thinking, against getting too caught up in illusion and desire. Daydreams can be what drives us on to make things happen, but for that to happen you do have to move out of the daydreaming bit.

Today has been, in general, a pretty practical day; busy ticking things off the life-admin list as my little one is with grandparents this afternoon. I still struggle with letting go, as a parent, and perhaps that’s the nudge from this card today – I long for a respite from being constantly on-duty, constantly thinking about family needs, and when I’m given it, I worry and fret and wish it gone again! The complexities of wanting, and of what we think we want versus what happens when our desires are fulfilled, are a constant strangeness; humans are weird 🙂


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