Daily card: Nine of Cups

Ahhh, this card is a beautiful relief after a stressful and hard day yesterday. Although tens might seem at first glance like the pinnacle, I find it more useful to think of tens as being the bit at the end of a journey where you sit down, have a cuppa, think happily about what you’ve achieved and plan your next thing. There is a stillness to tens, but nines still hold that forward momentum. So nines often represent the actual moment of achievement or completion.

This nine of cups is colourful, but all the calmest and most soothing colours; no thrilling reds and oranges here. The energy lines run horizontally and calmly; the cups all face upwards, with no spilled or misdirected energy. The crescent moon is also a gentle nod to the importance of intuition and introspection in recognising what this card signifies. Everything is calm, everything is in place.

Not just about the emotion of cups, instead the nine of cups often suggests tremendous fulfilment and happiness in all areas – love, family, work, health, finances. It may be a particularly emotionally enjoyable moment, but it reflects success in all things; more specifically, not necessarily externally-defined success, but wishes and desires coming true.

This card comes when I’ve had a day or so of doubting myself in pretty much all areas – but today (even before I drew this card) I felt like I was back on form, confident I was getting things right… and just as I sat thinking ‘how can I drum up some more work? I need a new project’ I received an email from an old contact with some really really interesting prospects that I’m excited to get involved with. So, it seems apt. Today isn’t an end to anything, but if I’ve been down in shady valleys the last couple of days, I’m on a sunny hilltop again today.



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