Daily card: Three of Pentacles

Today’s been a hard day. Possibly tired, possibly hormonal, but I had an enormous crash this afternoon, full of self-doubt and recrimination.

The three of pentacles is a card of teamwork; there may be great summits to climb, but you will only progress and achieve your goals if you can bring your own unique strengths to the fore as well as rely on others for support where you aren’t as strong.

And actually it’s only in writing that out that I’ve just realised what this card is trying to say. Today’s crash was because I’ve been trying to do it all myself – freelance work, parenting a toddler, keeping the house decent, admin, being a good friend, being a good partner to two people, being a good sister, being a good daughter, trying to stay in touch with people I don’t see often, sleeping when possible – and not asking for help or acknowledging that sometimes I can’t keep all the plates spinning all on my own. I am stronger when I can say I don’t feel strong. This afternoon I cried in my partner’s arms and felt much better afterwards, like a cloud had lifted.


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