Daily card: Daughter of Pentacles

Hmm. No Daughter cards before now in my daily cards, then two on successive days; that’s interesting.

The daughter of pentacles is starting out; she may be a novice, she may even be naive, but she is capable of shepherding her resources and bringing ideas into physical tangible reality – and she’s going to. This can suggest the need to accept where you currently stand (not wishing you’d started from somewhere else, or were further along) and to stay focused on reality and on what works (not get distracted by too-broad ideas, or try new things when you’re already making progress).

The card suggests great capacity; the possibility, if you choose the right path, of laying up great resources – whether financial or otherwise tangible and practical – for the future. It’s a bit of a ‘tech startup’ card; there is immaturity here, and uncertainty, but huge energy, commitment, and possibility; much to be learned and huge capacity for learning (especially learning by doing, whether successfully or otherwise). There are some parallels with the Fool, actually – the start of a journey, all possibilities and potential.

For me, today this is a nudge to keep my heart open and my eyes forward; this card represents for me what I’m trying to do, career-wise, and what I sometimes fear I’m not quite managing. Perhaps I’m not falling as far short as I fear.


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