Daily card: Daughter of Wands

The snake curls herself in a figure eight – or infinity symbol – around a wand; flexible and calm, but full of potential and power. She is, like other daughter cards, at the beginning of her journey, and has the possibility to make enormous transformations. As a wands card, that potential is particularly relevant to the world of ideas and creativity, ambitions and dreams. This is about bringing ideas into reality, about taking the first steps to unlock one’s own creative potential.

The ideas and inspiration of wands may also come through in this card as someone who may make a huge personal transformation, and may be on track to make a major breakthrough.

I don’t feel like I’ve quite fully connected with the meaning and energy of this card yet, but the start of a journey in which the intangible becomes tangible, the idea becomes reality, seems relevant today; wands can also connect specifically with fertility, and today kicked off some valuable conversations with a great midwifery team.


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