Daily card: Four of Wands

The card shows a diamond shape formed by the four wands – looking almost like a portal to another world; all the energy of the card is focused inwards on that centre.

The Four of Wands can often suggest a celebration, an achievement commemorated – whether as formal as a graduation ceremony, or as informal as a family get-together. My first understanding of this card, of completion and achievement, didn’t quite make sense to me; things are going well in a number of areas, and I feel like some important things are falling into place, but nothing feels like it’s in any sort of finished or final state right now. (Quite aptly, my toddler came over to ‘help’ and hit the publish button while this post was literally half way through a sentence; truly, everything is in flux!)

But the broader sense of stability, tranquillity, security, deep family connection; the reminder to appreciate milestones as a marker of hard work; a sense of being settled and content – all of this is valuable. In particular, perhaps, it’s a reminder that all the things that I think are unfinished but ‘making good progress’ – setting up some interesting projects, making great connections with potential new clients, slowly starting to build a reputation – are worthy of celebration in themselves. And that the joyful stability of my partner returning from some major travels and reconnecting with family life is more significant than I give it credit for!


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