Daily card: Mother of Swords

Oof. It’s been a while and I’ve certainly got out of practice with drawing my daily cards! Nevertheless, it’s time to jump back in.

Today’s card is the Mother of Swords: an owl, calmly perched on a sword. If energy in this deck is often suggested through the background lines, then this card suggests very peaceful and static energy – or, at any rate, well-controlled.

The sharpness of the Mother of Swords can come out as sharpness of perception, an impressive intellect teamed with a comprehensive understanding; an independence of thought, and the capacity to cut straight to the point with honesty and accuracy. It can also come out, if unchecked, as a sharpness of tongue – intellect unrestrained by emotion, the kind of person who says ‘I’m just a straight talker; if other people don’t like that, it’s their problem’. An owl’s wisdom seems very apt for this suit and set of court cards; as silent hunters, they are also a reminder that wisdom is only valuable if it comes paired – at least sometimes – with silence and watchfulness.

Today, I’ll be on the lookout for someone who this might represent, but I will take this card as inspiration to do some more of the brain-work that I’ve been putting off; the last few days haven’t included very much sleep, but I feel back up to my usual capacity today, so it’s a good day to re-engage my brain.


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