Alternative Tarot Course: Courtroom Reading

A majors-only tarot spread from the LittleRedTarot course, to ask ‘how can I become a truly brilliant tarot reader?’

The centre: The Lovers. This I find a hard card to interpret in this position, though I think it echoes the love and care of the Empress. One aspect, though, is that – paradoxically – the Lovers can point to the development of one’s own individual identity (marking the way the Fool steps out into the world after meeting the Hierophant). I find reading tarot feels like a step away from many of the existing interests and relationships in my life – in a good way, in the sense that it’s an aspect of myself that has gone unexplored for some years. And how can one be a happy and loving partner or friend or mother without continuing self-development and new interests?

In my favour: The Empress. My own compassionate, nurturing, intuitive, loving and creative side (and indeed the many aspects of that which I can credit to my own mother) is the energy I need to bring to my tarot readings.

Against: The Magician. The card of making things happen, of accessing resources in the world, I suspect the most relevant meaning of this card is that my tendency to take on new projects (or indeed a career change, as is imminent) is likely to eat into my available time for tarot reading and learning.

The Judge: Strength. A card that seems to me to be more about balance than the instant surface meaning would suggest, it’s more about strength tamed, ferocity turned to calm compassion. This card seems pleasingly apt in this position; firm but fair, strong and careful, it amplifies the compassion of the Empress, but also the power of the Magician.

Decision: The Fool. This suggests to me that my best path is to treat this as a completely new journey. Not to rush to the end, not to skip steps because I think I’ve got the gist, but to recognise that I am truly a novice. It also seems worthy of note that the outcome is the ultimate in journey’s-start; my tarot journey may be more significant for me than I anticipated.


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